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travel tips for giza

You may remember in the post about Cairo, I mentioned the usefulness of bringing a bag with many pockets. Let me explain further.

As I explained, I had read online that putting your cash in different pockets of your bag could avoid some sticky situations, and I had thought at the time: "What a smart idea! I'd never have thought of that and yet it's so simple!". So I separated my cash into small wads and littered 3 or 4 different pockets in my bag with them, and happily proceeded to discover the city.

On day two, we headed off to Giza and upon entering the grounds were immediately surrounded by people offering to guide us around, explain the history of the place, take our picture, carry our things, etc... One guy was SO insistent, he side-tracked us to an area with a camel and placed me on it, took some (pretty awful) pictures and then demanded to be paid. Which I did. But he insisted on more, and reached into my bag and helped himself to all the cash I had in there!

I was absolutely mortified and insisted he at least return enough money for a taxi back to Cairo, but he refused. My (smarter) friend firmly kept his hands on his pockets and we finally managed to get away.

I tried shrugging it off and I was blown away by the pyramids and the sphinx - which helped to push it out of my mind, but it was still upsetting. It was the money I had budgeted to last me at least half the week...

I got back to the hotel, withdrew more money, and as I was stashing it into my bag's various pockets.... I rediscovered all the money I had successfully hidden (especially from myself)!

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