Changing Hemispheres


Changing hemispheres is not the necessarily the easiest thing to do, in terms of clothing, especially traveling from the depths of Winter to the heights of Summer. Which season do you dress for? You may have noticed, I have a tendency to travel towards warm places, so I'm always faced with the dilemma of what to wear to and from the airport: Do I freeze on the way there? Or insta-sweat on arrival?
I usually start off by wearing something that I will be able to use at my destination - I hate bringing things that I won't be using - and bring a little pouch with "extras" in it. This pouch is conveniently stashed in my carry-on so I can adapt the number of layers as I go along. 

Pouch contents
  • a pair of leggings: thicker than tights, and I find they are way more comfortable
  • leg warmers: they can be pulled down half-way down the foot and worn with both sandals and flats without being uncomfortable
  • a pair of flats: they'll cover your foot completely but they don't take up much space. The folding flats mentioned in The Modern Day Cinderella would be perfect
  • a cardigan: it can be worn during the flight, as planes are usually quite cool, 
  • and I have a preference for down jackets due to
    1) their ability to shrink and easily squeeze into and already full suitcase, and
    2) their incredible heat generation and conservation.
travel outfits for big temperature differences
The last thing you want to do is get sick coming back from your vacation, or even worse, before even getting there!

Have a great Tuesday!

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