Home Sweet Home - Geneva and surroundings



I think most people have a biased opinion of their hometown: you either love it or hate it. I used to dream of big and bustling cities full of excitement, thinking that my hometown was small and boring. After living in several big cities, I always come ‘home’ thinking how beautiful it actually is and I always wonder why I left at all.

And this time is no different. So I’d like to make homage to my beautiful hometown – or rather area – the Leman. By this, I mean the area around Lake Geneva. This area encompasses places like Geneva (obviously), Nyon, Lausanne, as well as neighboring France: Evian, Yvoire, Annemasse and Ferney.

I consider Geneva my hometown, although I technically grew up in Ferney Voltaire (nobody ever knows where that is…). Geneva is located where the Rhone River becomes Lake Geneva, and between two mountain chains – the Jura and the Alps. It’s famous for cheese, chocolate, luxury watches and its banks (the latter two being highly visible along said lake). The landmark of Geneva is the Jet d’Eau (or Water Jet). 

Geneva is not an exciting hotspot like Tokyo or London or even Paris. It's not particularly crowded, and perhaps that's what I love about it. It  *is* a prominent international city, but yet, it's so close to the countryside. Vineyards and orchards as far as the eye can see. And in Ferney, every Saturday morning, nature comes to the town at the local market. I love markets, they have such a great atmosphere, and that is definitely something I love about France. 

... and last but not least, how lucky am I to have been raised right by the mountains?

On that note, have a great weekend, and I hope you visit the area soon!
(check out the packing guide for the area here!)

Pictures from top to bottom 
1/Sailboats on the Leman from Nyon 2/Sailboat on the Leman from Yvoire 3/Swan at Yvoire 4/Stretching Duck at Yvoire 5/View of the Leman from Signal de Bougy 6/Castle on the Lake 7/Nyon 8/Goats at Collex 9/Apples of the Tree in Collex 10/Fruit Stall at the Sunday Market in Ferney 11/Seafood Stall at the Sunday Market in Ferney - try some oysters and champagne while you are there! 12-14/The Swiss Alps and the MontBlanc at various stages of Sunrise.


  1. oh god, around geneva is so beautiful land..i can't believe that you thought that your city - town is boring! there has to be so beautiful, near to the mountains! love it, i'm really looking forward to going to swiss to my family! :) (you know, they're living near to the alps..;)

    1. I love that area now that I've left! I guess I just took it for granted, as we usually do with things we're used to! I hope you enjoy your trip, and I'd love to know how it went!