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Bangkok is a mix of tradition and modernity, a riot of color and sparkle. The city is just littered with golden temple tops and bright orange and green roof tops. The taxis, the tuk tuks and even the food are all so vibrant.

  • the golden temples with their colorful rooftops
  • the brightly colored foods
  • the decorative orchids and flowers at all the shrines
While I was preparing today's moodboard, I thought: hmmm, I could totally watch Anna and the King, and it inspired me with my packing list. Lots of color, sparkle and patterns. A reflection of the brightness and boldness of Bangkok.

Packing List

There are dress codes for the royal palace and major wats, but whether or not they are strictly enforced seems to be at the discretion of the security guard there on the day. In general, you are obviously safer the more covered you are. Flip flops and open toed shoes are usually a no-go in temples, as well as cropped pants, shorts and mini skirts and sleeveless tops. But again, at the discretion of whoever is at the entrance. A scarf wrapped around your shoulders usually suffices to get you in if you are wearing something sleeveless.

bangkok packing guide
Have a great Monday!

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