We decided to go to Okinawa to make up for the failed trip to Bali. Turns out the weekend we'd booked was the weekend a typhoon was due to hit the island. Fantastic...! (That explains the billowing hair in the pictures!)

Because we were leaving Tokyo in the late afternoon, and staying 2 nights and catching the evening flight out (so 2 full days and an evening) I really kept things down to basically a beach tote:
I packed: a pair of jeans, a pair of pants, a pair of shorts. NO skirts or dresses (not keen on flashing people in the wind); a t-shirt, a sparkly beater, a draped top, and a gold lace top, 3 cotton beaters to put under other tops; a jacket; a scarf; a pair of jellies and a pair of flip flops.

Day 1: Travel Day

travel outfit for okinawa

Stretch jeans, jellies a comfortable tank and a scarf in case I got cold. (I also had a jacket, but forgot it in the picture).

Day 2: Beach Day + Dinner Date

okinawa beaches
 Easy outfit, shorts and a cotton tee. I usually prefer to wear dresses to the beach, but with the wind from the on-coming typhoon, shorts were better. The coastline was in fact still littered with debris from the previous typhoons. (The pictures above are from the Moon Hotel lobby. We ended up hanging out on their beach. Amazingly green lobby!)

okinawa date night travel outfit

Sorry I don't have better pictures, but we were too busy eating! We ended up at a teppenyaki restaurant, and didn't even take video or pictures of our chef's acrobatics... (yes, I'm wearing a bib!)

Day 3: Sightseeing + Travel

sightseeing travel outfit for okinawa
SUCH a windy day! Just walking around against the wind made me tired, let alone going up and down stairs and slopes! I really need to figure out typhoon-proof hairstyles: my hair is in front of my face in almost all the pictures here!

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