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I could have sworn that I posted this after the one on Winter skin care but I can't seem to find it anywhere! Hopefully Winter is over in most places you are at or are going to, but here it feels like it will never end! So, if static and flat hair are problems for you, read on!
Different types of weather are a disaster when it comes to hair. Summer humidity makes it stick to our heads or frizz up whereas cold, dry winter static makes it stand on end. And let's not even talk about the dullness! So what to do, especially when you are on vacation and don't have your usual arsenal of tools to tackle the weather?

That actually might play to your advantage. Shampooing often strips your hair of its natural oils and moisture leaving it looking dry and dull. So washing your hair less often (like every 2 days) will not only keep your hair looking healthier but means you'll need to bring less shampoo - so more space in your suitcase for other things! Also, try to finish your rinse with a shot of cold water - it'll help lock in more moisture.

Heat styling tools also take up a lot of valuable space and weight allowance in your luggage and do more damage than good. Opt for heat free ways of drying and styling your hair, like putting it in a high ponytail before bed or braiding it when wet for loose curls, but make sure it's fully dry before you go out - wet or even damp hair in cold weather breaks more easily!

So remember, minimize exposure to heat - both water and air - and your beauty sleep is not only for your skin but also your hair!

 Download the winter hair care tips sheet below!
packing tips for winter hair care

Have a great Thursday!

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