I'm leaving for Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka for my boyfriend's birthday and a much needed surf trip (for him). We'll be staying there for 5 days. I've read that Hikkaduwa is considered to be the boho area of Sri Lanka, so the dress code is a little more relaxed. We're hoping to squeeze in a day in Galle, and visit a couple of spots there.

Therefore, I couldn't resist just packing a couple of maxi dresses (in fact, I only packed 1 pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts) which are appropriate both for the beach and long enough not to offend anyone in Galle (apparently more conservative - covered shoulders and knees). I packed loads of accessories and cardigans (for the evenings, mainly) to switch outfits around.

The color inspiration comes from:
  • the beautiful sarongs, 
  • the brightly-colored buildings,
  • the fruit and vegetables,
  • the ocean and palm trees.
Check out pictures from Hikkaduwa!

Have a great week! 

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