West Coast au Naturel - your ideas wanted!


We're planning a 2-week road trip starting and ending in Seattle. Where should we go?

I've been a little silent recently because my next trip isn't til June (which seems like forever away) and although I've started looking into it and thinking about what to pack (and it will be a challenge!) recent changes in my personal life have kinda put that trip on the back burner.

Indeed, a new part of my life is starting soon. I'm moving in with the boyfriend in May (next week!!). So Spring cleaning has a special meaning this year and I am seriously cleansing my closet and my life. And I think it's been long overdue. I love packing light (on the last trip to Sri Lanka, we both fit all our stuff into my carry-on for a total of 9kg or about 19lbs) but my closet was pretty full of stuff. So I've been going through everything I have - clothes, shoes, papers and all my sewing materials and I've been reading a lot about streamlining your closet. Basically, just apply the same principles of packing light to your closet... Easier said than done. I think I suffer from acute closet bi-polarity, and I think that's a problem that many people might have. When it comes to work, I love structured blazers, pencil skirts and Autumn is my favorite season (tweeds and plaids!) but on my days off, I swear by flowy maxi dresses.

 But, I digress! The plan for June! It's going to be a phenomenal 2-week road trip on the West Coast! We will start with an 8-hour daytime layover in San Francisco (I'm so excited! SF has been a dream for a long time) then to Seattle for a day, then begins the long road trip around Olympic National Park, down the Oregon coastline to the Redwood National Park and then back up to Crater Lake then onto Portland and out to Grand Teton and Yellowstone then finally back to Seattle for 2 days. Phew!

I'd love to hear from people who have been there early June. I've started checking the temperatures in the area regularly, and it kinda freaks me out that it's still -1C (30F) at night in Yellowstone. So ANY advice, in terms of weather, must-see spots, and of course clothes and shoes to bring are welcome. Oh, and we will just be doing some light hiking, nothing to intense!


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