The Best of 2013


Another year has come and gone, once more filled with travels and new experiences. As always, each trip had it's ups and downs but here is a (late) round up of my favorite moments this year.

1. Getting engaged "officially" in the deserted Balinese rice fields
The biggest surprise this year, and one of the reasons for my lack of updates (along with the internet suddenly giving up on us for what felt like an absolute age) was when my boyfriend proposed. I won't go on with any kind of soppy story, but since we had already discussed marriage (neither of us being particularly predisposed to it) and agreed that it made sense, I totally didn't see it coming. And he fooled me all the way till the end- he got down on one knee with the excuse of taking a picture of me...

2. Getting my open-water license
This is one of the most recent events, and one of the last of the year. We spent 5 days in the Maldives over Christmas (posts up soon, I promise) and I spent 3 days getting my PADI open-water license. What an amazing experience! And what a great place to do it! There were more fish than I had ever seen, all the colors one could imagine and I was lucky enough to see Napoleon fish, tuna, sharks and six beautiful Eagle Rays gliding by together. That has spurred us to finally plan a trip to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef (this March). Every experience, every challenge is a key to a never-ending array of possibilities.

4. Surfing - or at least standing on the moving board for a whole 2 seconds together
Back in Sri Lanka, I finally was able to begin to understand the thrill that Sam feels every time he goes surfing. I STOOD UP! It took man millions of years to stand on two feet on solid ground... There is hope still for me!

3. Being awed again and again by the unbelievable beauty of nature
I can't say that I'm much of an outdoorsy type - although I don't mind the occasional hike. However, that doesn't stop me from admiring the natural wonders that surround us and I felt positively blessed as I gazed at sights such as Crater Lake, the Great Prismatic Spring, the Grand Tetons and the Mont Blanc back "home". (There will be more mountain-gazing this February - in Nepal!)

4. Speaking of "home"...
2013 was also the first time my boyfriend visited my hometown and met my parents. I am so happy they finally met and that they survived the encounter! I am even happier that my boyfriend was blown away by the beauty of the place I grew up in, ensuring many future visits to the area (next one in March).

5. Seeing the seasons change

In the same vein, I am reminded to appreciate the beauty of our every day surroundings, the beauty of the changing seasons and to see the city I live in with new eyes. Tokyo is an amazing city, full of secrets and surprises.

6. Watching the days go by
I saw the sun rise and set in about 13 countries last year. Each day bringing new discoveries, each day ending with a lesson learned and a mind opened and the knowledge of who I am improved.

I am so grateful to have found someone to share my dreams and passions with. I feel blessed to be able to follow my hearts desires and to explore the world we live in. I wish you all a great 2014!

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