Kathmandu & Nagarkot [no Everest climb!]


The challenge about packing for Nepal is the major changes in temperature, both within a same day and between places. 
Katmandu was freezing cold in the morning and after the sun set, and pretty darn hot as the day progressed and the heat accumulated in the valley. 
Nagarkot on the other hand was cold day in and day out (with temperatures around 0C/32F), and the mist that was around just chilled you to the bone. The fact that the hotel had no hot water or heating also meant that we never really had the opportunity to warm up.

You of course need clothes that are practical and comfortable that will keep you warm but at the same time, Kathmandu - considered to be the lost city of Shangri-La - is also mystical and whimsical. You will definitely need good walking shoes, and tons of layers. Layers left, right and center! I wouldn't bother bringing shorts or skirts as it really does get too cold for them anyway. Do consider bringing sweaters of different thicknesses that can be layered on top of each other and a bag that can accommodate layers as you take them off (a 3rdHand - or two - really comes in useful!)

  • Obviously the colorful Prayer Flags that fluttered everywhere and in the most unpredictable places,
  • The bright orange robes of the Hindus - other major religion in Nepal,
  • For the gamers: If you have ever played Uncharted 2 - it looks exactly like Kathmandu. So a little Nathan/Chloe inspiration is always welcome!

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