Gold Coast Wedding


Oufit for a Beach Wedding in Australia

Oufit for a Beach Wedding in Australia

So, leaving Thursday for the Gold Coast for my coworker’s beach wedding. Seeing as I’m not a big fan of weddings, I’m actually surprised by how excited I am about it. I suspect leaving the cold winter in Tokyo and going to a new place where Summer just happens to be in full swing may have something to do with it!

The golden sand, the clear, blue ocean, the pink sky at dusk, all bathed in the soft sunlight.

Color Palette:
soft pinks, pale teal, golden browns, nudes and neutrals.

Key points to consider:
breezy, loose dress; flat sandals, sunglasses for the brightness, a hat could be a good idea and a shawl in case of a cool breeze.
Don't forget sunscreen, which - mixed with body lotion - can add a little sheen, sparkle and scent!

Check out a full packing guide for Gold Coast!

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