etosha safari
images: all pictures of Etosha are mine, top row - Out of Africa, second row - Ralph Lauren Safari Collection, bottom row - Louis Vuitton.

I went to Namibia in the Summer of 2004. Spent a couple of nights in the Etosha National Park. It was a fantastic experience to really see the animals. I was lucky enough to see 16 elephants on my birthday at the watering hole. It was an amazing experience.

My image of the savannah was brown, brown, brown everywhere, but I was surprised to find that there was a lot more grey and cold browns than I'd ever have thought! Turns out - as my clever, clever sister reminded me - Etosha is an old salt pan which explains the cooler tones.
  • Out of Africa
  • Blood Diamond
  • Les Ethiopiques (by Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese graphic novel series)

Packing List

Also, contrary to my image of Africa being permanently hot, it gets cold at night. And if you want to see any animals, night is when things happen. So long pants and sweaters are necessary! It also gets quite dusty driving around, so I would bring a scarf to wrap in front of your nose and mouth (and optionally, wrap around your head if the sun gets to you).


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