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I was in Cairo in February 2010. I can't believe I was walking around Tahrir Square and the Coptic area exactly one year before the Arab Spring. I hope Cairo goes back to being the beautiful, bustling city I remember.

  • the desert
  • the Pyramids
  • the Pharaohs
  • the Bedouin tribes
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Poirot - Death on the Nile
  • Cleopatra
Packing List

Being Winter, it wasn't unbearably hot, but being Egypt, it was also far from being unbearably cold. I usually found myself wearing a light sweater or a light jacket. Either way, a long sleeved top and some kind of light scarf turned out to be essential items for extra cover up when visiting mosques. I was asked once to cover up more, even though my collar bones were barely visible. Long skirts and pants are also crucial for the same reason. But if you're sure to have a mosque-free day, then go ahead and wear shorter skirts and pants, although I would steer clear from anything above the knee: you'll stand out in a crowd.

There is a lot of walking to be done, so a comfortable shoes are a must. The city is quite dusty so I would also opt for shoes that can easily be cleaned. Whether open or closed shoes, I think is purely a matter of personal preference: your feet will get dirty regardless, it's just a question of how dusty you're willing to let them get!

A shoulder bag with many pockets to split your cash into is also highly recommended. I read somewhere that at tourist sites, some hagglers wouldn't hesitate to take money out of your bag directly. They recommended having a bag with many pockets to separate your cash in. (This turned out to be very good advice).

Check out pictures from Cairo here, here and here!

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