Carry-on Essentials


packing your carry on bag

Although I believe in traveling light, I do believe there are some things you can't live without - especially on a long-haul flight. These fall into 4 main categories: 


obviously you'll want your passport, boarding passes and wallet within easy reach. Don't forget to keep your accommodation details somewhere easily accessible as you'll be asked about that on immigration forms. Which means, you'll need a pen, and I like to bring a small notebook to sketch in, or write memorable moments in.

how did people manage before? Don't forget your phone, music player+earphones, a charger - some planes will have usb ports available, and your camera. Don't forget to charge everything before you leave!

a scarf - in case you get cold, a pair of warm, fuzzy socks, an inflatable neck pillow, and an eye mask. The socks, neck pillow (a rolled up scarf can work as a neck pillow, if you can spare it) and eye mask should all be able to fit in a pouch so you won't have to rummage around your bag for things. Bring sunglasses too: if not to shield your eyes from the sun, at least to shield others from any puffiness and accumulated fatigue showing around your eyes!

these are things you'll need on the flight - so subject to liquid restrictions. Travel-sized goods are easily available, and I strongly recommend bringing wet "refreshing" wipes - which can be used to freshen up in the "morning", in lieu of a shower, and if the air in the plane is particularly dry, you can place one over your nose and mouth for a bit; Evian water spray and face cream : if you spray yourself before putting the cream on, it'll have a longer lasting effect; a toothbrush and toothpaste - for obvious reasons; hand sanitizer (I love the Bath and Body Works PocketBac collection); lip gloss (check out the Anatomicals collection - the names will put a smile on your face each time); hand cream (Anatomicals gets bonus points for a hand cream-lip balm 2-in-1 stick); and body mist for either yourself - or your neighbors. Chances are no-one has had a shower in a while....

I like to split everything up into different pouches (and there are so many nice ones out there!) to make things easier to find and everything should easily fit into a handbag!

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