A Day in Scheveningen


outfit for a day at the beach in the netherlands
Sorry about the one-week silence. The weather has been changeable and since I obstinately decided April was the time for Spring fashions... well, I caught a pretty nasty cold. Perhaps sitting on the hot carpet, drinking hot tea is what inspired today's moodboard.

Scheveningen (I had to google it to make sure I got the spelling right, and then spent 5 minutes listening to a native pronounce it. So cute!) is a seaside resort area in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Every time I go visit my family in Den Haag, we always spend at least an afternoon there. It's so peaceful and wild and beautiful without being too remote. There are lots of shops and restaurants to browse through.

Scheveningen combines the kind of luxury expected from a seaside resort, but at the same time keeping its simple, fishing port feel. I tried to keep that contrast in the outfit I put together: neither too casual nor taking itself too seriously with a nautical twist.
  • the sand
  • the rocks
  • the bright red and blue accents that can be found everywhere, from the national flag to the lighthouse.
Packing List:
It's always been windy when I've been there. I must admit I've never been there in the Summer though so I won't vouch to the weather then! But windy, to me means layering and a light parka should also help to cut some of the windchill without being too heavy. Flat shoes a must if you intend to have a stroll on the beach, otherwise heels are fine, as the promenade is well-paved.

Have a great day, and I hope to be posting more this week!

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