Dressing up your Sweatpants


The Problem

Have I  mentioned how much I dislike people who travel like they're going to the gym? Sweat pants, a tank, a hoodie and sneakers kinda makes it seem like you've given up and don't care about life anymore. I get it, it's comfortable. But with just a little effort, you can totally make sweat pants look great!

The Fix

First of all, the type of sweat pants make a big difference. Elasticated waistlines and bottoms make a pretty unflattering silhouette. A pair of straight or slightly flared pants with a stretch waist (flat, not bunching) will do wonders. Keep the basic tank if you have to, but add an interesting (cotton) one over it. Trade out your sneakers for a pair of comfortable ballet flats, toss on a cotton jersey blazer and you're good to go. The cotton and jerseys means it's just as comfortable as any hoodie+sweat pant combo, so there's no excuse! 

Have a great day, and happy travels!

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