sydney travel pictures
Sydney is a vibrant, young, laid-back city. The sun shines brightly on the beautifully colored buildings, the sand and the ocean. The fashion is so easy and relaxed and the juxtaposition of the beach and the city shows in the comfortable, breezy looks. The color palette is inspired by just these things: the nature and the colorful buildings.

  • the ocean and the beach
  • the pastel colored buildings along the harbor
  • the cockatoos and parrots
  • the palm trees and flowers
  • surfer wear posters!
Packing List

Although I selected a series of relatively flat shoes, Sydney does allow for wearing heels quite easily if you want to jazz up an evening look. When it comes to flip flops (or thongs - as they say), remember that some bars and restaurants refuse service to people in rubber thongs, so bring a pair of sparkly ones - and you should be set!

sydney packing list


  1. Any suggestions for visiting in June/July?

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I've been away from a truly reliable internet connection for a while...
      June/July is winter in Australia, so temperatures will be around 10-16C. If you go in June, you might catch the tail end of the rainy season.
      What you pack largely depends on your tolerance to cool temperatures. I'd suggest a similar color scheme, with a focus on tonal blues. Forget the shorts and replace them with a pair of pants and bring 1 or 2 light jackets (if you're out and about that's what you'll be taking photographs of - so variety is nice) with a couple of thin sweaters/cardigans to layer underneath as needed. And bring as many colorful scarves as you want (within your color scheme) to add versatility to your outfits.
      Of course, check the weather forecast closer to when you leave!