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I love Bali. Not so much Kuta or the famous beaches, but the inland part, the traditions, the culture. Plus, my parents met there, so in a way, I owe my existence to Bali!

  • the Kecak dancers (red, black and white)
  • the wooden crafts easily found on the island
  • the beach
  • the luxurious natural environment
Packing List

The weather (in the dry season - June-October) is always perfect. And the constant breeze means I don't get so many mosquito bites *bliss*.

When packing for Bali, I think key things to remember are easy, relaxed outfits. There is no real reason to dress up and they are usually accepting of any clothes. A long skirt (or pants, if you prefer) is always good for temple visits, where dress codes always matter. I also packed a lot of scarves and such: big ones that can double up as beach cover ups or sarongs for impromptu temple visits.
I love mixing patterns, and with the subtle, matching tones, I think these prints can easily be mixed and matched or highlighted with a simple basic.

Bali is pretty famous for it's water-sports, so if you are keen to try something, I recommend bringing swimwear that fits you well and won't come off as soon as you hit the water!

Have a great day and don't forget to check out the Bali Fact Sheet and the Beach Cheat Sheet!

bali packing guide

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