The Citadel


the citadel in cairo
 DAY THREE - The plan for this day was to see the Citadel and a few mosques. The Citadel is pretty much on the opposite side of the city and it is huuuge! It comprises several mosques and a couple of museums. And it is gorgeous!

The outer part includes inner courtyards and terraces which provide wonderful views of the city sprawling around it. I especially loved the imposing aspect of the main building and the arches along every wall.
arches at the citadel in cairo
But you could also visit the interiors and have a rest on the many carpets that cover the floor and admire the stained glass and the intricacies of the calligraphy adorning the different columns.

[insert picture of interior]

I really enjoyed the Citadel and had images of Kingdom of Heaven flashing around my mind...
the citadel in cairo

After the Citadel, we wandered off [cue dreaded map] to El Azhar mosque, which we discovered after getting lost in a small market. There were tea shops and spices - which one imagines when one thinks of a souk - but there were also stalls selling meat just out there in the open. Slabs of meat covered in flies. Not for the faint of heart. Or the pescatarians like TP....

When we finally got to El Azhar, I was told by the "bouncers" at the door to cover up more, despite my floor-length skirt and 3/4 sleeve sweater. I guess the fact that it was a V-neck was too provocative, but that's what scarves are for... and that's why I wore one.

However, it made me a little uncomfortable and might explain why I don't seem to have a single photo of the place.... So, please really keep in mind the dress code when visiting Holy places.

modest clothing for traveling to religious places
using clothes from {packing for cairo}

DAY FOUR - I'm adding day four onto day three because it was such a non-event. We had to catch our flight in the afternoon, but thought we could perhaps swing in some Egyptian Cotton shopping before leaving. I was eager to get some to perhaps use in a future sewing project...  So we went to the concierge and asked where Egyptian cotton could be found. The concierge pulled out a map and put a big cross on a location somewhat near Tahrir Square....


{Moral of the story} if you really want to do something, do your homework before leaving!

Have a lovely weekend and check out more pictures here and here, and the packing guide for Cairo!


Open Mon-Sun 9-4 (but mosques closed to public on Friday)
Fee L.E.40

Open Mon-Sun all day
Watch your dress code!

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