The Hoodie


stylish hoodie airport outfit

dressing up a hoodie
The Problem
I understand the idea of wanting to be comfortble while traveling. Trust me, I do. And I understand that you hope to be getting some shut eye on the plane (especially long haul). But from there to thinking that walking around the airport and then traveling to your hotel through an unknown city in something that looks like your pajamas is - well, pushing it.

Furthermore, wearing those comfy but unflattering clothes on the plane means that you're more likely to be wearing them during your vacation, too. That's not a good look for your photos... 

The Fix
Opting for a more fitted hoodie and pairing it with a casual jersey blazer will instantly glam the look up. Add a patterned scarf and trade out your sneakers for a pair of cool loafers, and you won't be putting your designer bag to shame!
(If you wear jeans, remember to make sure they are loose enough to allow movement and that the waistband is comfortable when seated). 
Have a great Tuesday! 

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