Summer Make Up Tips


Make up for hot and humid weather

The temperatures and the humidity are rising. The rainy season seems like it's still in full swing in Asia, and temperatures are soaring across Europe. It's also the season of flirty dresses and swimsuits and we'd all like to be Summer Goddesses dripping with sultry sexiness - not perspiration...
So how can you avoid your make up sliding halfway down your face? The key is to put as little on as possible.
If you are blessed with almost flawless skin and/or a natural tan, chances are you won't have to put anything at all on your face. If you feel "naked", put some dense concealer just on the spots needed. For extra coverage, go over it with a light layer of mattifying pressed powder - with a hint of luminescence for an extra healthy glow.
If you are looking for more coverage, use tinted moisturizer after the concealer and before the pressed powder. Tinted moisturizer is much lighter than liquid foundation so your skin will still be able to breathe. Plus, tinted moisturizers usually tend to include some SPF which you can never get enough of in Summer anyway. 
In both cases, follow that up with some bronzer, brushing it onto your cheeks, nose, forehead -  and not forgetting your ears and neck - for an instant sun-kissed look. Go for a pore-minimising bronzer, and you can hit two birds with one stone!

For your eyes, keep it to a minimum too. Well kept eyebrows make a huge difference to your face, so get some waterproof eyebrow mousse and keep your lashes covered with waterproof mascara to make your eyes pop. For your lips, make sure you bring some lip balm with sun-protection. Burning your lips in the sun is definitely NOT fun. If you grab a tinted lip balm, it'll help even out your lips, too.

For evenings or occasions you'd like to look a little snazzier, go for some lip & cheek stain (2-in-1 is what we love best for travel) instead of powder. Same goes for your eyes, if you want a little eyeshadow, put a layer of cream eyeshadow first, then add some powder over it for extra long-lasting results.

In terms of body care, make sure you wear sunscreen everyday and try to put it on when your skin is still damp from the shower to lock in the extra moisture, and apply a gel or milk-type lotion at the end of the day rather than a cream. Remember, if you are going to a tropical place, you can buy sunscreen and body lotion upon arrival rather than bringing your own. The fact that you'll be leaving it behind will also make you put it in more liberally!

That's it! You're all set!

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