Packing your Undergarments


What underwear to pack
 Sure, not the most glamorous thing to be talking about and perhaps the last thing on your mind when you are planning your vacation or packing, but your undergarments are absolutely essential!

Do you end up tossing all your underwear in your suitcase because you don't know what you'll need? Well, let's try to break it down (This guide is prepared for a 1 week trip, for trips longer than 1 week, be prepared to do some washing!).

Typically, you shouldn't be bringing more than 4 pairs, mainly depending on how much exercise (and sweating) you think you'll be doing: lots of perspiration = more; clement weather and relaxation = less. Also keep in mind that if you're spending most of your days at the beach, you won't be needing your bra as much.
When choosing which ones to bring, keep in mind that nude t-shirt bras (granted, not the sexiest thing out there) will be the least visible and will fit smoothly under any top - form-fitting or flowy, sheer or opaque. T-shirt bras also tend to be made of a nylon-spandex blend which dries very quickly (nice for hot, sticky days and for hand-washing).
Bra with removable straps will maximize the number of tops you can wear them under and if you're really well-organized, pack some bra clips which pull the straps together at the back making them fit under racerbacks.

UNDERWEARTo be on the safe side, pack a pair of underwear for each day that you'll be traveling, plus 2. Seamless nude panties, or g-strings, will avoid the unsightly panty-line problem - pack whatever type you prefer! Nylon-spandex blends are light, fold up very small and dry quickly: perfect for travel! Again, nude will mean you don't have to worry about what color bottoms you wear.
Mesh and lace also pack light and dry fast (and are undeniably sexier) but take care if you are traveling to a hot and humid place or are planning to be very active as the friction can cause irritations - not cool when you're on vacation (or ever, really).

If you are bringing a lot of dresses, then it might be worth bringing 1 or 2 slips. When you decide which slip to pack, just double check they fit under the dresses you are planning to bring - this means: the straps, the neckline, the length and the back. Nude or black (depending on the color of your dresses) work best - again.
Camisoles or tanks are super versatile and can help cover you up if a top is too sheer or too low cut. 2-3 should be enough. Go for solid neutrals or colors in your color palette if you are packing a lot of patterned tops, but go a little crazier with patterned camis and tanks if you are packing mainly solid tops. Embellished collars on tanks (lace or other) can really dress up an outfit and take it to another level.

The choice of socks and/or stockings really depends on the season and on what you are bringing. If you are traveling in Summer, you can be pretty minimal about socks and abandon the stockings completely. If you are traveling in Winter instead, you might want to stock up on socks and stockings!
A good rule of thumb is to pack a pair of socks or stockings for each pair of shoes you bring - obviously excluding sandals - and remembering that you shouldn't be packing any more than 3 pairs of shoes.
In Summer, when shorts and skirts abound, go for invisible socks (avoid cotton that takes a long time to dry). In Winter, think about getting some heat-promoting socks that usually tend to be quite thin but very warm. Think about the clothes you've packed to decide on an appropriate length of socks.

The key to making your limited amount of undergarments last 1 week or over is to be ready to do some hand-washing in your hotel room. Bring some travel packs of detergent or use some shampoo (baby shampoo for delicates).

Et voila! You're all set and all bases are 'covered'!

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