Portland {Oregon}



Our arrival in Portland, Oregon couldn't have been timed better. We arrived late in the evening after a long day in the car, and just as we were turning into the (very cool) Modera Hotel parking lot, four people whizzed by on their bikes and we all stopped and did a double take. Was it the fatigue of the day or were they naked?!
And then another 3 people cycled by and this time it was clear to see. *Everything* was clear to see! The staff at the hotel kindly explained that it was the bi-annual Naked Bike Ride. Fantastic timing! So as we headed out to dinner that night, we kept coming across little groups of, ehm...  participants.
The next day was our chance to explore the city. We were only there for a day and it turned out to be the Rose Festival and the Flea Market, so we were blown away by the activity and energy of the city.

Check out pictures from San FranciscoCrater Lake, the Oregon Coastline and Beaches, Rogue River, Mt Hood, the Redwoods, Multnomah Falls, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and it's geysers and springs, Artist's Point, Seattle and Vancouver (B.C.)! 

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