The Maldives


  • the bright blue ocean
  • the pure white sand
  • the orangey-pink sunset and flowers
Packing List

Well, it's all about the beach. So honestly, you don't need much at all. I only wore shoes to travel there and back home and for dinner, the rest of the time I was barefoot - obviously flip flops are also an option - but bring some dressy ones, and you can use them for dinner, too!
In terms of clothes, I also spent most of the time in my swimwear, so just a couple of cover ups, pareos, and/or (long) t-shirts are enough. If you bring some nice cover ups, you can also dress them up for evening.
What you should make sure to pack are some kind of head (and shoulder) protection, sunglasses and books, magazines or your preferred form of entertainment!

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